apartment renovation

150 m²


private client


Located in the heart of the charming district of Porta Venezia in Milan, the 150m2 apartment was completely renovated. The clients asked for an extra bedroom, which led to a radical change in rooms disposition.


The project focuses on creating a unique and continuous space between living room, dining room, kitchen and terrace. The sequence is marked by the different kind of furniture and ends with an almost invisible kitchen. The massive inox cooking island stands in the middle of the kitchen, working as a piece of furniture as well.


The master bedroom is visually expanded thanks to a generous glazed bathroom. The oak parquet floor enhances this impression, entering the room underneath a glass pivoting door. At the same time the bathroom receives direct light from the bedroom and it is defined by a scenic bathtub.

The two single bedrooms work in a flexible way through a sliding door. The clients asked to have either two independent rooms or a single space, according to the use.

Steel and glass are accompanied by wood, warming up the environment. The antique furniture play with the modern lines of the kitchen and with custom-designed objects made by our Italian craftsmen.

The composition is accompanied by 20th-century design masterpieces such as the famous infinito bookshelf by Franco Albini which is the background of the living area.

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